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  • Divorce papers ready to download in 2 business days
  • Step-by-step filing instructions with 24/7 customer support
  • Affordable and convenient

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California Divorce Online

An easy and quick method to prepare for uncontested divorce online in California and get high-quality divorce papers

  • A complete packet of divorce documents at a low cost
  • Fast preparation of all court forms within 2 business days
  • Thorough instructions explaining how to start a divorce
  • Convenient to use from any device at any time
  • Responsive customer support

Divorce With a Lawyer

A traditional way to handle contentious divorces where each spouse hires an attorney to represent them during court trials.

  • Litigated divorces are extremely expensive - $15,000 on average
  • They take longer to get finalized - up to a few years
  • Little or no control over the divorce outcome
  • Litigation ignites more conflicts between the parties
  • Prolonged court trials negatively affect children.

We can help you if

  • You have kids
  • You are currently pregnant
  • You and your spouse have common property or debts
  • Your spouse is missing
  • You know nothing about the divorce process
  • You have disagreements with your spouse
  • You are in a same-sex marriage
  • You need help filing with the court
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Hearing about it, easy to understand and apply, go it , when you are already sure what you want!!!

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Nice to be able to do this without having to go to court and contact with ex partner

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It was smooth, easy. Took me 30 mins to do the entire form & that’s it!👍

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Benefits of California Divorce Online

Save money Save money

Cost effective solution designed to support you without lawyer fees

specific forms for filling location specific forms for filling location

Up-to-date forms and instructions for your specific court to ensure success

Easy to follow online process Easy to follow online process

Our intelligent engine gives you specific instructions for your situation

we can file forms with the court we can file forms with the court

We can handle court filings and serving your spouse

Online customer Support Online customer Support

Our dedicated customer care team provides instructions throughout the process

Access to attorneys for legal questions Access to attorneys for legal questions

We can connect you with independent licensed attorneys in your state to answer questions about your case

Post divorce support Post divorce support

Expert-guided post-divorce support to help you happily move on with your life

Wrap around support Wrap around support

Additional support services to help you navigate divorce — help with kids, the house, financial matters and more

Our services *Services available after registration.

Expedited Service Expedited Service
  • Get your divorce papers within 30 minutes after divorce interview
  • Expedited phone and email support for any questions, changes or updates.

Court Filing Service Court Filing Service
  • Initiate Case with Court
  • Effortlessly Serve Your Spouse
  • Finalize Divorce
*Service available after registration. Service cost is $49.

How long does it take to get a divorce in California

How long does it take to get a divorce in California

The timeline for a California divorce varies based on factors such as case complexity and court backlog. California imposes a mandatory six-month waiting period from the date of filing before finalization.

Uncontested divorces, where both parties agree, can conclude after this waiting period. Contested cases, involving disputes over custody, property, or support, often take longer, potentially years.

Case complexity and court efficiency influence duration. Seeking mediation or settlement outside of court can expedite the process. Temporary orders can address immediate issues.

Consultation with a family law attorney can streamline the divorce process and protect individual rights during proceedings.

How long does it take to get a divorce in California

Residency Requirements in CA

In California, residency requirements are essential when filing for divorce.

To initiate a divorce proceeding in California, at least one of the spouses must meet the state's residency criteria. Here's a detailed breakdown: State Residency: Either spouse must have been a resident of California for a minimum of six months before filing for divorce. This is a critical requirement to establish the jurisdiction of California courts over the divorce case.

County-Specific Residency:

Additionally, the divorce petition should be filed in the county where either spouse has been a resident for at least three months. This county-specific residency rule ensures local jurisdiction over the case.

Military Personnel:

Active-duty military members stationed in California can file for divorce in the state, even if they do not meet the six-month residency requirement. This accommodation recognizes the mobility of military service. Meeting these residency requirements is vital to ensure that the divorce process takes place within California's legal framework. It prevents legal complications that could arise if a non-resident attempts to file for divorce in the state.

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